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Pictures of the cars I saw in Japan (Slight Toyota Bias)-Big Pages

Excerpts from my Japan Travel Diary pertaining to cars in Japan (Heavy Toyota Bias)

Toyota Altezza RS200

Domestic market cars I was suprised to see in Japan

Imported cars in Japan, circa 2001

The full text of my Japan Travel Diary

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Excitement and Happiness

Bicycles (Warning: Huge!)


My First Digital Pics (Warning: Huge!)

The Next Round of Digital (Warning: Enormous...56K don't even think about it!)

Later DigiPics (Warning: Huge!)

Best of DigiPics

Leg Injury Summer 2003

Bridge Pedal 2003

Cross-state Trip (Warning: Huge!)

Assorted Fall 2003 (Warning: Huge!)

Cyclocross (Warning: Huge!)

Assorted Winter 2003 (Warning: Huge!)

Leftovers (Warning: Huge!)

Early 2004 New Zealand Trip

Assorted Spring 2004

Spring 2004 Scenic Backroads Drive

2004 Cross-state Drive

2005 Driveway Repair

Early 2005 Trip-New Mexico, Austin, Washington

2005 Fourth of July RCB Party

Summer 2005 Hiking at Mt Hamilton

Early 2006-A lot of rain and a little sun

Fall 2006 New England Road Trip

Fall 2006 New England Road Trip 2

Fall 2006 New England Road Trip-Bike Stuff

Fall 2006 New England Road Trip-Stata Center

Winter 2006 Company Ski Trip

30th Birthday

2007 San Juan Islands Bike Tour 1

2007 San Juan Islands Bike Tour 2

2007 San Juan Islands Bike Tour 3

2007 Weekend in Seattle-Corolla Meet, Friends, Bikes

2007-2008 California Trip, 24 Hours of Lemons and more

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